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Cover Your Drink!

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Do You Know What Is Happening On Campus?

You have a twenty one year old girl. Your little girl has gone away to college. She is a good girl - a nubee. (That means new to a particular scene) She comes home and asks to go to South Beach with a few girl friends. You are concerned and let her know that you rather her go the Ale House down the street. She complies because she is a good girl. Just a little note about South Beach and the clubs. They are packed with young men and women looking to meet the opposite sex . These young adults are dancing in a dimly lit warehouse type club. It takes a very long time to get into the club and they charge $50-$85 admission. The young men and women stand in line while they hand select the most beautiful girls to get in. Why you ask? Because the more beautiful the girls are the more money the guys will spend. The South Beach clubs get packed. Your little girl goes back to school and this happen several times throughout the year. It is now the end of the school year and your little girl is home from college. She says Mom & Dad, I am 21 years old please let me go to South Beach everyone is going. It's the end of the year party, I will do anything you want. You finally give in, but you have some rules:

1. She goes with a group of girls and there is a designated driver. (No drinking Alcohol)

2. She calls you when she gets in the car,

3. She calls you when she gets out of the car,

4. She calls you when she gets on line,

5. She calls you when she gets into club,

6 She calls you when she gets her first drink,

7. ...............................

You get my drift. You are micro managing her night and rightfully so, you are concerned. But she wears you down and you finally agree. She gives you a big sloppy kiss on the forehead and she goes and puts on the sexiest outfit and you cringe while she walks out the door. She gets to her friend's house and they get in the car. Beep Beep Beep she dials your number. "Dad... I'm in the car". Great she is listening to your concerns. 1/2 hour goes by and Beep Beep Beep she dials your number again. "Dad I'm at the club it's called club "Nubee" it is on the corner of Scofield Street and Burrows Avenue. We are getting on line". Again, she is following directions. You feel relieved and think maybe you were making too much of the situation. She gets on line and calls again. Basically SHE IS A GOOD GIRL. But still a Nubee! She goes to school and maybe the college bars but that's probably it.

So she get into the club and calls you again. She agrees to call you every hour. Mom & Dad, your pretty tough!

She orders a drink and looks at her friend. She giggles and hovers over and says look at that guy he is so cute. "OMG" he is looking at us. Don't look...don't look! He is so cute..... Let's dance. "Jiggle jiggle jiggle". Their drinks are on the bar unattended. (I hope you are WITH ME HERE Mom and Dad. Do you see it???) Well the girls are dancing and giggling on the dance floor talking about the good looking guy that is flirting with them. Hey DAD! Look On the other side of the room there is a guy watching the girls NOT watching THEIR DRINK. He slowly moves over to their location and like a snake slivers over and slips a ROOFIE into one of the drinks. There are many types of Roofies; GHB, Liquid X, Mollies, and lots more. Many of these Drugs are odorless and colorless and can be slipped into a glass of water. They make the victim feel like they drank too much and they cause amnesia to what has happened. They are used for date rape! Are you following me here Mom and Dad? The predator slivers onto the dance floor and starts jiggling next to the girls as he bumps up to them and starts dancing. They are giggling away having so much fun. Innocent fun! The girls go back to the bar and they are talking with the guy, the predator, and they start drinking. They only have one drink, but remember these girls are nubee's to the scene. One girl seems to get more drunk than normal for only one drink. The predator states to the girls "It's ok girls she just drank too much. Don't ruin your night I will take her home. Here is my number, give me your number and her dads number and I will take her home and call you to let you know she is home safe." (Very convincing to a nubee) What are we talking about here???????? Drug Facilitated Date Rape! It happens. Predators - they are out there and guess what Mom and Dad? COLLEGE BARS have a great number of date rape incidents. Google it! Date rape on campus. Well what do you do. How can it be stopped? It may never stop. It's been happening for years - in my day they called it getting slipped a "mikey". They just changed the name it's now called a "Roofie".

But we can try to prevent it from happening. We can:

1. Educate Our Young - Knowledge is Power!;

2. Cover The Drink! and;

3. Promoting Awareness.


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Cover YOUR Drink! Think Smart Safety First TM

Watch Your Drink! Think Smart Safety First! TM