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Date Rape Drugs And What Effects They Have

What Is Going On-On Campus?

Drug facilitated date rape - It is happening in colleges, at house parties, at night clubs, at high school proms and on internet dates. Our scholars are writing about the incidences of drug facilitated date rape on campus. In the nightclub settings girls are getting drugged, raped and left for trash if not killed. Support me in educating young people, the deans of colleges and night club establishments that there is a simple cost effective method of prevention of this horrendous crime that is on the rise in the United States and abroad. Knowledge is Power! Cover Your Drink! Think Smart Safety First!



“Protect our Young”

Cover Your Drink! – Think Smart Safety First!

Watch Your Drink! – Think Smart Safety First!

There are a few challenges that are associated with this project that can be overcome with "knowledge”

The colleges and nightclubs may keep a blind eye about the problem of drug facilitated date rape and until they realize that it is a social problem not caused be either the colleges or nightclubs they are going to be resistant. I am going to ask the nightclub owners to promote the lids for their establishments as it protects the drinks from being drugged and will warn the patrons to keep the drink in their view at all times. This will not only serve as an affirmative defense to any law suit instituted against the club for drug facilitated date rape, using this product will also promote the nightclub establishments as taking affirmative steps in protecting their patrons of a known problem.

Scholars are writing about drug facilitated date rape on college campus. Now it time for the colleges to take affirmative steps in reducing and or eliminating the problem from their schools. Cover Your Drink! Think Smart Safety First. JustCapIt will promote awareness around college campus'. It will protect users from drugs being slipped into their drink and it will remind the user to keep their drink in their view at all times. JustCapIt may also serve as affirmative defense against the colleges for drug facilitated date rape on campus. Many colleges offer free condoms in the health center. The Deans and professors are not promoting sex they are making a statement. "If you are going to have sex use a condom" They are promoting safe sex! The health center can provide JustCapIt to the students in the health centers like they do condoms. They will be promoting awareness and protection for their students. JustCapIt can be sold in bookstores with the school logo on the lid which will promote the schools proactive stance on Drug Facilitated Date Rape as well as create revenue for the college.

The glass lids and the beer can lids have trendy sayings on the top of the lid.

Here is a list of sayings



Not Today Boo Boo TM

Don't Even®

Don't Even Think About it®

Back Off®

South Beach

Don't Touch my Drink®

You're Kidding? Right? ®

Don't Even Try! ®

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The Secret Guide - it gives the user Date Rape Protection "how to's"

Knowledge is Power,

Virginia Drogo, Esquire